Saturday, 2 February 2013

Finished sampler quilt

Well, the block-of-the-month sampler is now complete. In the end, I decided on a dark blue for the sashing and borders. As it's a sampler, the quilting is different in each block too and all done on a domestic machine as it will be 'in class' towards the end of the year.

For those of you whose blogs I follow, if you're wondering why I've not left any comments recently, there is an explanation. Having upgraded to Mountain Lion, in their infinite wisdom, Apple has moved all RSS feeds from Mail to Google Reader so I'm behind with my reading as I now have to remember to go and find the posts in Google Reader.  I put them into Mail, so I didn't have to keep going into Blogger to read them; seems I'm back is 'square one'!

Friday, 18 January 2013

That's a bit better

Well, well, well. Look what I collected today -  a bolster cushion pad. My chase up email of the other day resulted a quick response from the shop concerned. Not only did they confirm they had 11 in stock now, they even ordered one for me for collection today, the least they could do really, and very nice it is too. Much nicer than expected.

So, as promised, another photo of the bolster and the patchwork cushion cover.

We've only had a few millimetres of snow so far unlike the much of the UK. It was snowing when I nipped out to collect the cushion pad but it's not come to much and the roads are clear. Hopefully, it'll stay that way around here.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Catching up

Hubby mentioned today that he thought I'd stopped blogging. No, I've just not remembered to do it and finding time's been a challenge so, tonight, it's catch up time.

Firstly, isn't she cute? This is the next block in the secret round robin quilt that the Monday quilt group is running, the theme this time being appliqué, any design.

This one would look a lot better if it actually had a bolster in it, but a certain household linen store is dallying rather with my order to the point that I've had to chase them up today. I hope it arrives soon as this is the sample for one of this month's workshops.

There are ten origami folded flowers around the bolster cover. Once I've got a bolster, I will re-photograph the whole thing.

The nine blocks for the flower sampler quilt are done as is the workshop for block 1, the English paper piecing. I now need to source fabric for the sashing and binding.  I think calico will suffice for the backing though.

Then there's three lots of Christmas bunting like this, a great way to use some of those novelty fabrics that seemed like a good idea at the time! You can never start too early for Christmas, can you?

There's also some crazy patchwork pieces that will become journal covers in due course. Photos to follow later on.

The inaugural meeting of a new quilt group I've started was held last night. 

Most of the members are new to patchwork and quilting. Having looked through loads of books and magazines for ideas, they have decided on their first projects, a mixture of bags (to hold all their sewing things when they come to meetings), pillows and place mats. Today, I tried out one of the chosen patterns for a pillow, and love the result. It's made a slight dent in my big bag of largely inherited lace and ribbons, but there's a bit of fabric left, probably enough to make another one, and I do have another pillow pad the same size. The 60 x 40cm pillow pads from that big Swedish store are just fab!

Oh yes, and more design work for design brief 4 of my City & Guilds course.

It'll soon be time to start thinking about getting to bed so, night, night all.

Friday, 4 January 2013

So far, so good

Now that I've sort of got to grips with the technology, I can (fairly) quickly put together a view of the 'flower' sampler quilt, and can play with the arrangement without having the spread it out on the floor. Two more blocks to go, probably foundation piecing and crazy patchwork (using the scraps from the other blocks).

The background is actually a bright white, not the grey/white suggested in the photo. Clearly I need to get a bit more familiar with the technology to be able to adjust the colours a bit!

Now, what to go with for the sashing, borders and backing?

And I've had an idea for a project using the folded flowers.

Monday, 31 December 2012

MIni Quilts

Christmas was a quiet affair for us, just as planned with the two M-I-Ls joining us for Boxing Day and DD basing herself with us for a few days whilst on night duty over the holiday period. 

This meant we managed to get back to normal pretty quickly, including my sewing. These are the samples for March and April's mini quilt workshops, circles (26" x 20" approx.) and Amish-style (24" x 24" approx.) respectively and April's flower block (10"). The last photo is of my first attempt at some origami fabric flowers which I'm thinking will be the basis of a project for January. All I need now is an idea for the actual project.

Now these are all out of the way, I want to try and get a bit ahead with the samples for the rest of 2013. At least I do have a plan, so it's just a case of getting on with it.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.